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29 Jan 2004 - 5:06pm
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Just a side comment before we get back to our currently scheduled heated
discussion (or is it a flamefest now?).

> On Illustrator, yeah, I've heard the argument "Illustrator wasn't meant
> for multiple pages, InDesign was..." That's all well and good, but
> there's a very large audience using Illustrator for IA work. InDesign
> wasn't meant for drawing. What do you do when you have 80 drawings that
> you need to send to a client in a PDF? Make 80 .ai files and import
> them into InDesign - that's a workflow nightmare. Illustrator works
> great for wireframes, but the lack of multiple pages and master pages
> makes it very difficult.

One of the reasons that I love using Canvas from ACD Systems (formerly
Denebea Software) is that I can do my wireframe work across multiple pages
in the same Canvas file and then easily spit out a PDF file for the
workbook or individual GIFs, JPEGs, or PNGs (among others) for inclusion
into PowerPoint presentations.

Oh, and, yes, you get underlining of text (along with a host of other text
manipulation capabilities).

If you haven't tried Canvas for design, I highly recommend it. Canvas is
sort of a Swiss Army knife graphics package. The core is technical
illustration, vector based graphics, but you also get light page layout and
support for bitmap graphics (including most Photoshop filters). The
Photoshop filters can also be applied to the vector based graphics (so
called "Sprite Effects").


Ron Vutpakdi
vutpakdi at acm.org

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