Re: Digest, Vol 4, Issue 55

29 Jan 2004 - 8:10pm
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Christian Simon

> Using a computer is out of context for
> grocery shopping since once does it in their office typically, and the
> web browser is a significantly clumsy interaction model to begin with
> to do your shopping in the first place. What WebVan needed...
>Andrei siad:

Agreed, this is a better relationship between the computer and the user. You
can take the person out of the office but can u put a computer in the
refrigerator? There needs to be more effective ways to communicate with
computers other than with pointers. Then these values of understanding may
be widely valued.

I saw a web site that uses flash to emulate a command line interface. To me
this is the mentality that needs to be reached. Clearly the programming of
flash to be a command line was ambitious. I'm not sure how many of you can
remember the first time you stared at command line and thought WTF. If
you¹re a Mac person then you¹ll have probably missed dos, look there for a
scare. I learned UNIX commands b4 dos and I'm always lost in the dos command
line. Now this flash interface, you can find what you expect.

Enter contact and get their address. Enter a command not recognized and it
gives you a animated set of rotating choices. Is this really efficient use
for a company web site, probably not. Does it take some fiddling to find
something, yes. This Flash portfolio is not the answer, but it is the
question. I can see this a precursor to other computer-input. IT shows their
understanding that users can be reeducated to new concepts of completing the
expect-presentation-act-response-(try again?) user loop.

IMHO, When u can order groceries with the desktop, AND the game joystick,
AND voice command then I¹ll imagine the future is coming.


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