Internal usability/UE teams

24 Jun 2005 - 1:57pm
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adamya ashk

(Apologies for cross-posting)

I am doing some research on the optimal headcount of internal
usability/UE teams. I am especially interested in the ratio of
information architects, user experience/interaction designers and
software developers required in organizations so that an excellent
level of end-user experience is assured in projects and products.

Google brings back precious little on this topic with most of the
information focused on ROI. (Maybe I'm not using the right terms)

I am aware that this can be a vague question because the answer may
depend on the type and scope of projects, size and type of
organizations, usability/UE involvement in the processes and the UE
awareness of developers and business people.

However, (I am of the opinion) it may be possible to come with a ratio
x that increases the probability of the project/product with a
superior user interface/experience. For example, we could say that a
ratio of 1 IA/ID per 10 developers is a prerequisite for good user

It's only possible to do this if we have more information on the size
of usability/UE groups in different organizations.

I would appreciate if folks could post their thoughts on this ratio
and sizes of internal usability teams that they may have come across.


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