Job Posting: Interaction Designer, Boston, Bank of America, Contract

29 Jun 2005 - 11:58pm
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Tal Herman

(Apologies in case this gets double-posted. I suspect my first posting
attempt yesterday might have been rejected because I didn't realize my
Gmail account was set to send mail in rich formatting mode.)

Please note that this position is for a Boston-based contractor.

Make sure you respond to the email address listed at
the end of this message. If you send the email to me here at my gmail
account, I won't read it.


-----Begin Job Listing Description-----

Company: Bank of America

Location: Boston, MA

Position Title: Interaction Designer

Position Duration: Contract, 6 mos. with possibility for extension

Job Description:
The core responsibility of the Interaction Designer is to
lead user-centered design processes to ensure that web-based
products, applications, and marketing pages are easy to use
and help customers and associates fulfill their goals.

This position is going to be working with our Boston-based
Investments and Brokerage group so in addition to the
requirements listed below, it would be a bonus if you'd
done work in the financial or brokerage world before.

* Gather and maintain business requirements working with
line of business and segment representatives
* Drive the optimum implementation of functionality through
research and usability testing
* Conduct task analyses to define user needs
* Develop high-level information flows and navigation systems
* Develop detailed page schematics
* Work with Technology & Operations to determine technology
needs for given initiatives
* Work with visual designers to ensure look & feel of given
initiatives meets intended user interaction
* Participate in the development of product prototypes for
usability testing and proof of concept purposes
* Participate in usability tests by helping to define methodology,
conducting walks-through, and developing reports
* Represent solutions throughout Bank of America
* Manage outside agencies utilized during various project phases

* Minimum 3 years web application interaction design
* Demonstrated knowledge of the product creation process,
particularly how it pertains to web development
* Demonstrated ability to understand complex financial services
product offerings and why people interact with them
* Ability to understand and interpret existing site design and
style guides and create effective solutions within those guidelines
* Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively through various
formats (oral, written, graphic design) with staff and clients,
both individually and in groups
* Working knowledge of various web-related technologies including
HTML, XML, JavaScript
* Working knowledge of visual design tools including Visio,
Photoshop, Illustrator
* Strong organizational skills
* Deadline- and detail-oriented
* Ability to multi-task
* Highly motivated toward continuous improvement and the ability
to motivate others
* Ability to thrive under pressure and adapt to conflict situations

Contact Information:

If interested, please email me at the following address:

tal.herman at

Make the subject line, "Re: Interaction Designer - Bank of

Include the following with your e-mail (could just be a link to a
URI with the relevant documentation):
* Resume
* Brief description of experience, projects, and qualifications
* Salary range
* Sample wireframes and site map
* Any other sample docs: task flows, conceptual model, usability
testing plan/results, etc.

Feel free to email me at my address with any

-----End Job Listing Description-----

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