Yahoo buys Konfabulator

25 Jul 2005 - 11:21am
11 years ago
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Dan Saffer

"The widgets will draw upon information and services already on
Yahoo's Web site without requiring a browser to see it. The material
instead is displayed through an animated icon on the computer
desktop...To help popularize the widgets, Yahoo plans will give away
the Konfabulator software that empowers the applications."

Dan Saffer
Sr. Interaction Designer, Adaptive Path


25 Jul 2005 - 12:51pm
Juan Lanus

Thanks Dan for sharing the news.

This speaks to me about how crude the web interface still is.
Konfabulator seems more like the UI of a communication channel than
like content. Yahoo has content but they don't reach the people's
screens because it's cumbersome to get it, even with bookmarks and the
like. Is it so?

The browser is the "universal" UI except when it's too much. It's good
to despict lots of data in a session. Instead, Konfabulator widgets
seem to be good to communicate small amounts of data, all the time.
Instant messaging has also it's own interface. Also email, since ever.
Do we use the browser to get information until something good is built?
What are the internet interfaces still not built?
Juan Lanus

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