Announcement: EURO IA Conference - Online Registration Open

26 Jul 2005 - 2:54am
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Jim Kalbach

European IA Summit - Building Communities

Tulip Inn, Brussels, Belgium
15-16 October 2005

The focus of the first European Information Architecture (IA) Summit
is on building the IA community in Europe. The
objective of the event is to bring together a number of
disciplines and practitioner communities by providing a
stimulating environment for debate as well as an opportunity for
establishing cooperation. These communities are not just
limited to language or region, but also encompass a range of
specialisations like designing for mobile devices and
multilingual solutions.

We welcome all people concerned with the design of
navigation, organisation, labelling, and search systems to
join us in Brussels. This is the opportunity to meet
with your peers, talk about work and most of all drink
quality beer!

Registration is now open for the conference; we look
forward to seeing you there.

We are still seeking papers. Note that the deadline is 30 July 2005:

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