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31 Jul 2005 - 11:54am
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Mohammed Mansoor

Hi Beth,

Looks like you are talking about pop-ups from hyperlinked elements. I have needed quite a bit of them and used them mostly on complex internet Applications where you are left no choice.

The best way to handle pop-up windows (and still maintain a level of usability) in such cases is to make it modal.

Development needs:
1. it needs to be developed such that unless the pop-up (modal window) is closed the user should not be able to work on the parent window.
2. The the pop-up (modal window) would minimise/maximize/close along with the parent window
3. the pop-up (modal window) Should not show up on the task bar as a seperate window.
4. Ensure cross browser compatibility.


Example: Hotmail and yahoo both use these kind of pop-up with customized HTML content when deleating 'all mails' in the 'Trash'.

Dont's: Interaction between model windows are not recomended.

Hope this helps

Mohammed Mansoor
Interaction Architect
Hcl Technologies.

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Not sure. Is this an automatic opening of a pop-up when a page loaded,
or are you talking about opening pop-ups from hyperlinked elements?

On 7/29/05, Beth Osnato <bosnato at> wrote:
> [Please voluntarily trim replies to include only relevant quoted
> Hi all,
> Apologies for the cross-post.
> We're launching something in a new window, and I'm looking for best
> practices regarding (1) warning the user that a new window is going
> open, and (2) if they aren't seeing the new window, instructing the
> on how to disable their pop-up blocker -- especially whether there's
> good way to give this instruction only to users who need it.
> *Please* refrain from any and all "why is it in a new window"
> and discussion. It's a done deal, and the only thing I'm interested
> is how to best work with that reality.
> Thanks,
> Beth
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Noah Mittman



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