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8 Aug 2005 - 9:10am
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abc zyx

Re: Positive affect and Interaction

Hi all and thanks for your replies

I have read Don Normans book and this was my starting block. I am
taking a slightly different route as I am examining the effects of a
specific area of creativity (divergent thinking and functional
fixedness) where by a person can see relatedness between seemingly
unrelated concepts. This ability is important when someone is
searching and performing some sort of classification task.

For this reason I require I classification task, perhaps a website
with a poor IA.

I am measuring mood by using the PANAS (Positive and negative affect
scales) which are well respected and used reasonably regularly in
academic papers. There are other scales, but I believe these to be the
most suitable for my purposes. All mood measures of course have pros
and cons.

Just to add, I am influencing mood by using sounds, smell and images
taken from the International affective picture system. Much research
has been carried out by Alice Isen into how to induce positive affect
and the link between positive affect and creativity.

I want to see how this relates to interaction and more specifically
searching and classification tasks.


On 08/08/05, abc zyx <wasere05 at> wrote:
> I am conducting a study with the aim of examining the link between
> Positive Affect (good mood) and interaction. The hypothesis is that
> someone in a good mood will be more creative and will perceive a
> particularly difficult system as easier to use compared to someone who
> is not in a good mood.
> I am mailing to the list, as I was wondering if anyone knows any
> particularly difficult or unusable websites or tasks on applications
> that I could use in my experiments.
> Also if anyone knows of any literature that is looking at this subject
> then that would be usefull to.
> Thanks for any help you can give me and any links to unusable sites
> will be greatly appreciated
> Thanks


8 Aug 2005 - 10:09am
Austin Govella

I seem to recall a study that showed the more attractive the site, the
more usable it was perceived to be by end users.

Can't find the link, though. Anyone have it bookmarked?

Austin Govella
Thinking and Making: IA, UX, IxD
austin.govella at

8 Aug 2005 - 10:21am
Tanya Rabourn

On Mon, 8 Aug 2005, Austin Govella wrote:
> I seem to recall a study that showed the more attractive the site, the
> more usable it was perceived to be by end users.
> Can't find the link, though. Anyone have it bookmarked?

I have an article bookmarked that addresses a study
examining ATM's:
"What is beautiful is usable" - N. Tractinsky, A. S. Katz
and D. Ikar
Interacting with Computers
Volume 13, Issue 2 , December 2000, Pages 127-145

An experiment was conducted to test the relationships
between users' perceptions of a computerized system's beauty
and usability. The experiment used a computerized
application as a surrogate for an Automated Teller Machine
(ATM). Perceptions were elicited before and after the
participants used the system. Pre-experimental measures
indicate strong correlations between system's perceived
aesthetics and perceived usability. Post-experimental
measures indicated that the strong correlation remained
intact. A multivariate analysis of covariance revealed that
the degree of system's aesthetics affected the post-use
perceptions of both aesthetics and usability, whereas the
degree of actual usability had no such effect. The results
resemble those found by social psychologists regarding the
effect of physical attractiveness on the valuation of other
personality attributes. The findings stress the importance
of studying the aesthetic aspect of
interaction (HCI) design and its relationships to other
design dimensions.


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