JOB: Sr UI Designer position at Oracle - Redwood Shores, California, USA. Full Time

15 Aug 2005 - 12:43pm
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Rajesh Sidharthan

Sr UI Designer position at Oracle
Location: Redwood Shores, California

Provide user interface design support for Oracle Tools & Server Products.

We are harnessing the power and reliability of Oracle's database and
server technologies to improve the productivity of our customers and the
effectiveness of their work with others.


You will be focused on Oracle's technical-user productivity and
development products. Since these products support professional users,
to make them great, our process is highly collaborative.
You will be working within a multidisciplinary development team,
championing customer interests, and contributing product interface
designs during product definition, design, and development.

Specific responsibilities include working closely with product managers
to identify and clarify customer requirements developing rich and
realistic user scenarios to support product definition and design;
designing user interaction models which contribute to a high-quality
product experience; communicating these designs to the development team
through diagrams, drawings, detailed specifications and interactive

As the product evolves, you will be responsible for assuring a
consistent design direction, as well as resolving trade offs between
your design and implementation issues. You will work closely with
usability engineers to define front-end research and identify on-going
support usability efforts throughout the product development cycle. Also
you will work closely with visual designers to achieve an attractive and
appropriate product appearance.
As a Senior designer, you will also have the opportunity to mentor
junior designers and student interns.


* Master's degree in Computer Science, Human-Computer Interaction,
Interface Design or other related discipline

* At least 5 years professional experience in the software industry

* Extensive experience with the design of native (thick-client)
applications interfaces

* Experience designing interfaces to browser-based (thin-client)
applications a plus

* Portfolio available for review, preferably, on line

* Strong conceptual skills demonstrated through elegant and
innovative solutions to user interaction problems

* Strong communication and inter-personal skills honed through years
of working in multi-disciplinary, collaborative teams

* Experience applying customer-centered design methods to product

* Expertise in DHTML, Director, Flash or other interactive
prototyping tools a plus


Richard Wright
Director, Tools and Server Products UI
richard.wright at


Kristyn Greenwood
kristyn.greenwood at

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