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23 Aug 2005 - 9:38am
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Nick Ragouzis

David Heller wrote:

> <http://www.vodafone.com/flash/futures/index.jsp?action=hasFlash&lang=0&displayMode=normal&bandwidth=hi>
> AND it is trying to get response research data back about the
> ideas they are presenting.
> Some of the trickier ideas they are presenting are around uses of
> geo-location and profile-based unique advertising in public spaces
> (ala Minority Report).

Thanks for introducing the topic, David.

Just a note for folks who are interested in the quoted bit, above.
Especially when you drill down to the location-based system info
in the presentation.

An important locus of some of Vodafone's effort is the technology
being developed by them and other members of Liberty Alliance.

If you want to know more about that the presentation means when it
mentions: "Authorisation, Authentication, Personalisation, Positioning
service, Situation awareness", in particular for gaining a serious
grounding with respect to "Minority Report" talk, then check out
that work.

It's not easy going ... but the topic (embedding privacy, security,
and user control in authentiation-based attribute-aware web and mobile
services) isn't simple. You can start with overviews, implementation
guidelines, and move to more detailed specifications on topics such as
user profiles, contact books, geolocation, presence, provisioning,
special clients, etc here:

I've gone to the trouble of laying all that out in order to offer
a second to Dave's point about Vodafone seeking responses. They
are serious about that.

As is Liberty Alliance as well. Although several vendors have already
implemented aspects of these services in consumer devices and services
(e.g., AOL, Nokia, FT/Orange/IBM) many of these specifications are at
pivotal draft stages in first edition or on track for new versions
(mostly accounting for SAMLv2).

If, as we often hear, it's a problem when technology gets too far
ahead of user considerations, then I encourage you to take this
chance to impact technology.

And even if you don't speak this technology, or find the use case
descriptions too techy (they certainly are that!) then certainly
raise interaction design criteria and benchmarks.

Or, even better, join in the work to define basic requirements.

Just don't be shy.


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