Interaction Design for Authentication-based Attribute-aware services

23 Aug 2005 - 9:51am
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Nick Ragouzis


On the heels of that earlier message, I'm wondering how
interested folks here are about the interaction design
aspects of embedding privacy, security, and user control
in authentication-based attribute-aware web and mobile

To that end, I'd appreciate hearing from you. And will
summarize to the list. (As usual: let me know which, if
any, of the information is NOT for attribution in any

Please email me (or the list) with anything you'd like
to say, but in addition:

1. In what way do you feel this domain presents significant
new challenges for users? For designers?

2. Do you do this work? (I suppose, as I've written before
on this list, that doing login boxes applies ... but
I am especially interested in hearing an answer to this
question from folks who take login as part of a larger
challenge, and folks who are already attacking that
larger challenge.)

3. Beyond interest, have you implemented against any such
technology? If so, which technology in which domain?
(Feel free to provide any other specifics you can share.)

4. Do you participate in security-based user experience,
HCI, usability, or communications forums? If so, which
and why those in particular?

5. What is your interest in shaping the underlying

6. What is your interest in shaping the UI and
interaction design aspects?


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