Job Posting: (Contract) User Interface Analysis and Design - Verizon Labs, Waltham, MA

23 Aug 2005 - 3:46pm
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Dave Philbin

If you are interested please reply to joel.angiolillo at

-Dave Philbin

Job Opening: User Interface Analysis & Design - Verizon Labs, Waltham, MA

The User Centered Design Group in Verizon Labs is looking for a
full-time, on-site contractor to join our 40-member department
in Waltham, MA. We are looking for an individual who can research,
design, prototype and evaluate user interfaces for TV and broadband
services. Good writing and communication skills are essential, as
is the ability to work with a wide range of disciplines in a team
setting. Some travel may be required. The ability to deliver high
quality results quickly and consistently is assumed.

Minimum length of contract will be 3 months. Maximum is 2 years.

Job Description: The new members of our team may be asked to:
Prototype new user interfaces,
Explore new technologies and their application to real-world services,
Conduct competitive analyses,
Draft user interface specifications,
Negotiate requirements with developers and product managers,
Design, run and analyze usability studies with a sample of consumers,
Manage field trials,
Work closely with vendors to implement new services.

Background: Candidates must have both:
Academic training in human factors, cognitive psychology,
industrial psychology, human-computer interaction,
telecommunication engineering or systems engineering. Training
in experimental design and analysis (usability testing) is

Work experience on user interfaces design in one or more of the
following industries:
TV (broadcast, cable, or satellite)
Interactive Gaming
CD-ROM or DVD Production
Video Telephony
Interactive Kiosks

Skill Set: We are looking for candidates who have demonstrated both
creativity and recognized success in the following:
Researching, writing and negotiating customer requirements
Designing, setting up, running and analyzing usability studies
Designing and prototyping using one or more of the following tools:
Director, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, XML, Visio.

Candidates who meet the qualifications above are invited to submit
their resume and cover letter to: joel.angiolillo at

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