Stategic benefits of "Web 2.0"

30 Aug 2005 - 12:46pm
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Pradyot Rai

Folks, I heard about "web 2.0" enough times in recent past to start
wondering what this is all about. I have heard people advocating it as if
this will solve everything. I have heard otherside arguing that people even
don't understand web 1.0, so why bother. I am wondering what you all think.
1. What is "strategic benefit" of adopting Web 2.0?
2. For what kind of firms/industry/business is this "mission critical"? And
who shall not bother to get in the race?
3. Example of firms who have done it and have taken comparative advantage in
the market place.
4. How do you categorize Web 2.0's components into differerent categories (
e.g. open standards, web services, semantic web, etc...)???

If we get hooked on the definition, we will follow this one to remind
ourself -

I appologize if it is already debated here.



30 Aug 2005 - 1:18pm
Dave Malouf

Not sure if this is a debate or just about a conversation.
The first thing to realize is that we are VERY early in the totality of Web
2.0 framework construction. I would say that the best that most people have
figured out is more about observation than about following some sort of
method or philosophy.

Luke's Functioning Form at has a couple of
articles on Web 2.0 in preparation of and in reference to the BayCHI event
which is also mentioned on that site.

As for examples, I have to say we are still very early here. I don't think
there are many "industry" level examples out there yet. Most examples are

On the other hand, there are a couple of handfuls of companies that are
enabling the infrastructure necessary for Web 2.0 to work. Google & Amazon
are the biggest fish in this see, followed by Flickr, Technorati and the
usual fish that combine AJAX, web services & APIs, RSS, and other fun web
toys. Some throw the Konfabulator & Dashboard stuff into the works here.

I recently wrote a blog-entry myself about Web 2.0 and how I think the hype
is premature. It's good inventive stuff that is way ahead of the curve for
most people to think about yet.

-- dave

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