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31 Aug 2005 - 4:10pm
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Dave Malouf

I know I posted something about this before when the magazing came out in
July. I was just at the IDSA conference where they had the awards ceremony
and I wanted to bring up an interesting topic that was mentioned back in

First here is the link to the awards.

Personally, I found them all to be majorly interesting design achievements
where solutions were key, and if you read the judging criteria important
issues are considered, such as environmental and economic/business but most
importantly the designer's role. I like this one b/c it acknowledges that
designers are not entirely in control of their domain. The awards also
separated out concepts from products to market.

In particular there were a couple of student concepts that really were

But the one thing I wanted to bring up is that many of the products to
market winners, especially the smaller companies, mentioned how much they
saw that the designs and the design process contributed greatly to the total
success of the products. Some offered #'s, but since it was a speech I
didn't memorize them all.

My point is that awards like these when done properly can be invaluable to
the total community.

I suggest people take a look at the stuff that is there.

My highlights:
1. mulching machine - industrial
2. student CD player - hanging
3. Nike ID
4. Moto-RAZR
5. Behar - toshiba laptop (concept) ... Gotta have concepts!


-- dave

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