UX guidelines for Windows Vista.

11 Sep 2005 - 7:22am
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Marcin Wichary

Microsoft has released preliminary (version 0.7) UX guidelines for
upcoming Windows Vista. You can get them at http://tinyurl.com/9566c

It's (obviously) unfinished and rather messy, but contains some
(blurry) illustrations and gives the general taste of things to come.

Be warned that what you'll get is a .exe file that uncompresses to a
local set of HTML pages. Also, you can't even download it from
anything else than a genuine Windows system. I've copy-pasted the
contents for those who might have problems getting it:

I. What's new in Windows Vista:
* Aero Aesthetics
* Common Controls
* Task Dialogs
* Search Box
* Aero Wizards
* Common Dialogs
* Control Panels
* Icons
* System Font (Segoe UI)
* Notifications
* Text and Tone

II. Top Rules for the Windows Vista User Experience
1. Use the Aero Theme and System Font (Segoe UI)
2. Use common controls and common dialogs
3. Use the standard window frame, use glass judiciously
4. Use icons and graphics consistent with the Windows Vista style
and quality
5. Use task dialogs for new or frequently used dialog boxes and
error messages
6. Use Aero Wizards
7. Use Explorer-hosted, navigation-based user interfaces, provide
a Back button
8. Use the standard Windows Search
9. Use the Windows Vista tone in all UI text
10. Clean up the user interface
11. Use notifications judiciously
12. Reserve development time for “fit and finish”!

III. Top Guidelines Violations (not available yet)

IV. Designing with Windows Presentation Foundation

Marcin Wichary >> mwichary at aresluna.org
Graphical User Interface gallery >> www.guidebookgallery.org
Usability.pl >> www.usability.pl


11 Sep 2005 - 4:43pm
Coryndon Luxmoore

> you can't even download it from anything else than a genuine Windows
> system

Thus we enter windows DRM hell. If you are on a mac or linux we don't
need you. Oh yeah, and us mac users better be prepared for the same
once the intel switch is complete.

Long live user centered design



Coryndon Luxmoore
Interaction Designer

coryndon (at) luxmoore (dot) com

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