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20 Sep 2005 - 1:50am
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Ola Thörn

Perhaps there could be a difference between time/speed

When you visualize 14:15 digitally this form of
representation does not give you feedback on that
23:59 is the end of the scale. Logically time could
continue to 99:99. However if we assume that you know
how to read the time I think digital works just about
as fine as analog although digital display is easier
to get the "exact time" with.

With speed few cars (unfortunately) goes up to 999
km/h . With an ordinary analog display the speed meter
shows the end of the scale(although not all cars goes
this high).

With analog speed meters in cars we get two advantages
- we visualise the end of the scale in a clear way. We
get a feedback on the acceleration which is easier to
read than fast flipping digital numbers.

I used to have a microwave with analog display of time
(in terms of maximum 60 min). Now I have one with
digital display. The salesman sold it to me with the
argument - it is more exact (although I bought it due
to it's clean look)! Yet I found the old one easier
to use.

/Ola Thörn

--- Matthias Mueller-Prove <mprove at> skrev:

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> Hi there,
> my hypothesis is that an analog display (of time)
> is more easy to perceive than the digital equivalent
> using numbers; esp. if the user is fully mentally
> occupied with another important task.
> A related example would be the speed display in
> cars. A needle on the tachometer seems to be the
> favorite design.
> Does anyone have data to support my theory -- or the
> opposite?
> thanks
> Matthias

Vänligen Ola

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