Magnetic Elements Toolkit Epilogue

3 Feb 2004 - 3:35pm
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On the 24th of December 2003, I ordered the Magnetic Elements toolkit from As you may remember, I hadn't received the toolkit or
received a response to emails sent to the addresses on the website.

Though PayPal indicated that they would not intervene to resolve the
missing toolkit because 30 days had elapsed since purchase, they did
forward my complaint on to Benjamin Speaks, who receives the payments made
on PayPal. Benjamin did email me fairly promptly once receiving the PayPal

Benjamin said that they "mail all merchandise via US Priority mail within
two weeks or receiving an order" and that his records indicated that he
mailed my toolkit 18 days after ordering. Since I didn't receive the
package, he did send a toolkit via 2nd Day UPS. I received the toolkit
sent via 2nd Day UPS.

The kit looks like it will be useful for playing around with website
concepts with users/stakeholders. I am still hesitant to recommend the
tookit without reservations, but I did want to report to the group that I
did receive my package after complaining via PayPal.


Ron Vutpakdi
vutpakdi at

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