IxDG F2F in Portland, OR

8 Oct 2005 - 8:01pm
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Elizabeth Bacon

Hi folks,

And I'm organizing an IxDG Face-to-Face gathering in Portland, Oregon, my
new home! (Howdy, Danna & my former LA compadres - see you at DUX!)

Where: Ringlers (a McMenamin's joint on W. Burnside in Portland, Oregon)
When: Monday, Oct 17 starting at 6 pm (come for dinner &/or drinks)
What: Casual networking and discussion about all things interaction design

Portland has an active SIGCHI group known as CHIFOO, and a large variety of
creative professionals unaffiliated with any formal organizations. A few
months back, Bill DeRouchey started organizing a "pIxDUXia" meeting for
Portland interaction designers, user experience professionals, and
information architects. And now here I am, putting the IxDG F2F tag on
another such gathering.

Please join us!! We all have a lot to offer each other, and it should be a
good time...RSVP if you get a second to Liz Bacon, ixd(at)elizabethbacon.com
or 503-347-4931.


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