Welcome to IxDA: A Message from the President

17 Oct 2005 - 8:45am
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Robert Reimann

Dear IxD Discussion and IxDA Announcements mailing list members,

I'm very pleased to announce a momentous occasion in the history of
interaction design.

On the 29th of September, the Interaction Design Group (IxDG), which
sponsors the IxD Discussion and IxDG—now IxDA—Announcements mailing lists,
officially incorporated under its new name, the Interaction Design
Association (IxDA).

Our name change represents much more than just a new identity. IxDA is now
a true non-profit, member-supported professional organization and is the
first such organization to recognize and focus on the unique contribution
of interaction design and interaction design professionals to the fields
of product user experience design.

The creation of the Interaction Design Association is the culmination of
months of work by a team of dedicated and talented individuals who now
form the first IxDA Board of Directors. The outcome of the IxDG Leadership
Retreat early this summer led us to conclude that the best way to serve
the IxD community worldwide—as represented by you, the subscribers to our
mailing lists—was to create a professional organization of international
scope; an organization informed by a new, 21st-century perspective based
on collaboration and community, rather than more traditional—and

The IxDA Directors and I share a vision that includes broadening and
deepening the set of collaborative and reference tools and other resources
that are available to our already vibrant online community. We have
ambitious plans for creating an online community unlike any that currently
exists for design practitioners. IxDA will provide a communications hub
for both organization-level and regional/local chapters’ activities,
initiatives, and events. This effort will involve a complete rethinking of
our brand and user experience, as well as our content delivery system. We
hope to make the IxDA community a primary resource for practitioners,
educators, students, and managers of interaction design and related user
experience efforts.

One of the most innovative—but also challenging—aspects of our new
organization is our decision to make IxDA a member-supported organization
that is funded primarily by individual member contributions and
organizational sponsorships. This will help give us the incentive to
continue to deliver to you the kind of content and experience that you
really value.

I say "you", because all of you who subscribe to the IxD lists are now
officially members of the IxDA. Congratulations! It is your interest in
and support of the IxD community that has made the creation of IxDA
possible, and we would like to recognize all of the people who have
contributed to the IxD Discussion mailing list over the last two years.

And that brings me to an important, but delicate point. Now more than
ever, we need your further contribution! Membership in IxDA is free, but
to achieve the lofty goals we've proposed, we will need your help.

Here are some ways that you can help IxDA moving forward:

* Contribute your technical skills—If you have expertise in Web or
software development, we need your help in creating our new online
experience and community.

* Contribute leadership—If you'd like to help organize local or regional
IxDA chapters, initiatives, or events, we would love to hear from you.

* Make a financial contribution—Building an organization and its
initiatives from the ground up takes funding as well as hard work. We need
your generous donations to fund the purchase of software tools and cover
the costs of event venues, speaker honoraria, and Internet fees, among
many other things.

If you aren't able to contribute immediately, we certainly understand.
However, if you have the ability and the inclination, we would be
extremely grateful for any support you can give us in making the full
vision of IxDA a reality. Please visit the IxDA Web site or contact
volunteers at ixda.org to learn how you can best contribute your own time and
effort or your organization's financial support.

Over the coming months, we will continue revising, redesigning, and
restructuring the IxDA Web site, at www.ixda.org, as we bring our
initiatives online. The mailing list addresses are not changing, so you
won’t need to update your filters, and our old Web addresses will continue
working for the time being. If you encounter bugs, please forgive us, and
send us bug reports using the form at http://contact.ixda.org/.

In summary, I would like to cordially welcome all of you to IxDA! We have
a big year ahead of us, but I'm confident that with your support, we can
deliver on our vision to provide an incredible resource to the interaction
design community and anyone wishing to better understand the art, craft,
and science of the design of behavior.

Robert M. Reimann
President, IxDA

Manager, User Interface Design & Research
Bose Corporation

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