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19 Oct 2005 - 2:51pm
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My name is Antonia Palmer and I have recently joined this group. My
area of work is within the design and development of Educational
Multimedia / Learning Objects. I currently work for the University
of Waterloo in Ontario Canada in the Learning and Teaching Through
Technology (LT3) department. I take on many different roles in my
work -- interaction design, interface design, usability, project
management, requirements engineering, and the list goes on. I
certainly look forward to being a part of this group and the

For your question about empathetic research, Jenny Preece has done
some wonderful work in this area. The following paper is very

Experiencing Empathy Online

She has other papers listed on her site at:

Hope that helps,

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> Great points Daphne - thanks.
> While we're on the subject - can you (or anyone else)
> suggest some reference material on ethnography and empathic
> research? Are there any specific key works for these topics?
> Thanks!
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Antonia Palmer
antoniapalmer at yahoo.ca

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