Announcing the launch of UXmatters

3 Nov 2005 - 8:54pm
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Janet M. Six


We are proud to announce the launch of UXmatters.

Please spread the word and also contact us if you would like write
or volunteer for the magazine.

Janet M. Six
Managing Editor -- UXmatters


Announcing the launch of UXmatters: A User Experience Design Web Magazine

For Immediate Release

November 3, 2005 ::: UXmatters, a user experience (UX) design Web
magazine, is proud to announce its launch today on World Usability Day
at The charter issue includes

An editorial by
* Pabini Gabriel-Petit, Publisher and Editor in Chief: "Welcome to

Columns by
* Dirk Knemeyer: "Imagine :: Data-The Essence of a Digital Lifestyle"
* Whitney Quesenbery: "Universal Usability :: "Why People Matter"
* Luke Wroblewski: "Communication Design :: So the Necessary May Speak"

Features by
* Dan Brown: "Information Architecture 2.0"
* Robert Reimann: "Personas, Goals, and Emotional Design"

The UXmatters team includes Publisher and Editor in Chief, Pabini
Gabriel-Petit, and advisory board members Peter J. Bogaards, Nick Finck,
Dirk Knemeyer, Whitney Quesenbery, Robert Reimann, Lou Rosenfeld, and
Luke Wroblewski.

Pabini Gabriel-Petit, publisher and editor in chief, said, "It's our
goal to provide a venue where people working in UX can come together to
discuss important issues, share information, and work collaboratively to
create a resource that will benefit us all. We hope to foster
cooperation and collaboration among people in all UX professions. A
united UX community is greater than the sum of its parts. Working
together, we can ensure that business leaders understand the importance
of designing good user experiences and have a greater impact on the
quality of digital products."

Dirk Knemeyer, advisory board member and columnist, said, "User
experience is an increasingly important part of successful business,
yet there are relatively few resources illuminating vital UX topics.
UXmatters will play a critical role in helping to advance the discipline
and inform people around the world who are interested in it."

About UXmatters

UXmatters is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit Web magazine that delivers
compelling content about developing effective user experience (UX)
strategies creating digital-product user experiences that optimally
serve people's needs and satisfy their desires.

Created by and for UX professionals, UXmatters covers a broad spectrum
of topics about UX strategy, design, and usability for a diverse range
of digital products--from application programs and Web applications to
mobile devices and consumer electronics products. Our audience
encompasses people in all UX professions, including

* UX strategy
* UX management
* UX design
* interaction design
* industrial design
* information architecture
* visual interface design
* Web design
* branding
* information design
* instructional design
* user-centered design
* usability

About User Experience

User experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of a digital product that
users experience directly--and perceive, learn, and use--including its
form, behavior, and content. Learnability, usability, usefulness, and
aesthetic appeal are key factors in users' experience of a product. User
experience design takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to the
design of user interfaces for digital products. It integrates
interaction design, industrial design, information architecture, visual
interface design, instructional design, and user-centered design,
ensuring coherence and consistency across all of these design
dimensions. User experience design defines a product's form, behavior,
and content.

For more information, visit UXmatters at

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