Physical Interaction Design

8 Nov 2005 - 1:24am
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Amnon Dekel

I was interested in Lisa deBettencourt's comments about their (Bose's)
design's being rendered in steel plastic etc.
Here's a thought: how about trying to design a generic physical "front end"
that can be dynamically updated. Such a system would enable you to make
changes as and if needed, plus enable your users to customize (and
personalize) their physical interfaces if they like. This issue is obviously
fraught with many problems, but can also be an interesting, maybe even an
exciting innovation for the physical interface world. This will also let the
hardware market enjoy the benefits of, excuse the idea, upgrade income (i.e.
a customer buys a Bose product with the thought that it should serve them
well for many years, now you can generate income from them between hardware
Having broadcast this idea here, I now expect to be an invited beta tester
for your first Bose DynaBox! :). But more seriously- this is a project my
students (industrial designers, visual designers, computer engineers and
programmers) would love to work on...
For an early example and implementation of the idea, albeit within the
context of computing hardware look at the Optimus keyboard:
My apologies if this has been discussed here before- I haven't had time to
read through all the threads...

Amnon Dekel
VP UX at Triplay, UX Consultant, UX Researcher and Lecturer in New Human
Computer Interaction and Technology for Experience

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