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8 Nov 2005 - 7:25am
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Dave Malouf

I thought people would be interested in this article by Frog Sr. Design
Analyst David Hoffer since it brings up an important aspect of interaction
design ... complex systems:

Almost all physical devices have to interact in some context that is
systemic (i.e. non-random)
1. Cars have to fit in lanes, get gas, meet gov't constraints
2. digital cameras have to work w/ PCs, pict bridge printers, Target/Walmart
3. TiVo has to work w/ your TV (and visa versa)

There are examples where this is also happening in the virtual space as
1. Banks working w/ Quicken
2. E-mail protocols
3. RSS

Anyway, I liked the article. it is a regular column on Gizmodo.

-- dave

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