"User Interfaces for Physical Spaces", December 12, Pittsburgh, PA

9 Nov 2005 - 9:39am
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Peter Merholz

IxDA Folk--

Related to the thread about working on physical products, how about a
workshop on physical spaces?

User Interfaces for Physical Spaces

December 12
Pittsburgh, PA

This event is co-produced by MAYA Design and the Information
Architecture Institute.

MAYA did redesigned the physical and virtual space of Pittsburgh's
public library system.

Libraries are the original information-rich public domains. By
working with the Carnegie Library to understand how digital,
physical, and human aspects of the library converge, MAYA developed
an information architecture that gives the library a framework not
only for a single renovated space, but also for system-wide
organizational change and ongoing evolution.

This workshop offers information architects and interaction designers
a valuable model to consider when faced with the increasingly porous
boundaries between digital and physical domains.

Registration is $250 ($200 for IA Institute Members).



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