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9 Nov 2005 - 2:56pm
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Lisa deBettencourt <ldebett at> writes

>I just saw this in a magazine... was it Fast Company or Wired? I know I just
>saw it this past week and I was wondering when I could buy one! I'm getting
>tired of my OS X dock (always clicking on the wrong app!!!) and want
>something else. :)

Not that there aren't problems with the Dock, god knows, but why do
you hit the wrong app? The usual cause I've seen for this is showing
40 or so apps into the Dock so they end up as 8 pixel high targets,
and then fighting with the fish-eye lens behavior to get the one
you're after.

Check out DockFun! <> as one
alternative. It allows you to define mutliple Docks and rotate
between them. (So I have one for my usual tools, one with just
Browsers, one with DVA tools, one with Games, and so on, and none
with more than about 15 items on them, which keeps the targets large.)

(And I turn off the fish-eye lens. Disturbing.)

There are other tools to do similar multiplying of the space, of
course. This is just the one I like best, partly because it's the
most visually integrated into the OS X look that I've seen.

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