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15 Nov 2005 - 6:59am
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John S. Britsios

Dear collegues!

Here I would like to introduce you our "Certified Web Accessibility
Consultant (CWAC)" training program, which is a brand new and
one-of-a-kind resource for web-related professionals.

Our program is guided by an instructor, and is completely accessible
online. Some features include lists of valuable web-based resources, web
space for your project, forums, and chats dealing with accessibility.

This program is engineered specifically for web site designers,
managers, SEO practitioners and anyone else involved in the development
or maintenance of web sites. A secondary audience is researchers who
investigate Web design issues.

See more here: http://academy.webnauts.net

If this can be interesting for you, please subscribe our newsletter for
updates at the bottom of the home page.

Best wishes and regards,


John S. Britsios
Web Architect & Trainer

Webnauts Net
Koblenzer Str. 37A
D-33613 Bielefeld

Tel.: (+49) 0521 - 3051020

Homepage: http://www.webnauts.net
Academy: http://academy.webnauts.net
Forums: http://forums.webnauts.net

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