Job: Interaction Designer, Nokia, Finland

16 Nov 2005 - 2:53am
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Job Location: Helsinki, Finland
Job Type: Full Time

Interaction Designer

Advanced design group of Nokia Design is looking for a creative
interaction designer to join the Helsinki studio. Interaction designer
is responsible for the behavioral aspects of the product: how does the
product behave in time. With interaction, the product is fulfilling the
users needs and desires in form that is understandable and efficient. As
we concentrate in early phases of the product creation and for the
mid-term future, it is essential that the designer can extract relevant
information from availabe user research data and technology enablers,
and create compelling concepts for the end-users. In addition, the
concepts need to be designed to sufficient amount of detail in order to
evaluate the acceptability, usability and technical feasibility of the

This is a challenging position that requires excellent interaction
design and concept design skills. Experience or training in industrial
design and user research is beneficial. We expect good skills in
presentation and UI simulation toos. Because designers often need to
lead design projects, project management skills are very helpful.
Naturally, the successful designer has a passion in creating meaningful
experiences for the end user.

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