New Music Interface…

17 Nov 2005 - 9:58am
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Meikel Steiding

Dunno how many people here know for the
NintendoDS™ but the same guy-Toshio Iwai-created a new musical
instrument for Yamaha.
Looks pretty interesting.
I really love the direction of going really digital. Photography is
still so damm old school. I mean I use a digital SLR as well but
besides the sensor there is nothing digital in there. I am waiting
for really new ideas to provide photographers with tools that focus
on the outcome and not only on technical restriction from the pre-
digital time. Same here in music - GuitarAmp Emulators, Hammond
Emulators, TB-303 emulators and interfaces that are just photographs
from their real counterparts. grrrrr. But the Music industry seems to
understand that a little bit better than the Photo companies-NI
Reaktor, Max/MSP, Ableton Live, … .
Anyway justed wanted to share the link.

greetings from the cold baltic sea.


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