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17 Nov 2005 - 8:43pm
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Simon Asselbergs

Dear people,

This is not a job request or a "commercial", but a serious question. I (30 yrs) am a just graduated person which wonders how much salary he should get. These are my titles:

Master of Arts in European Media
Bachelor of Art and Technology in Interaction Design

Skills and background info:
I estimate my graphical design skills are little above the average of my ex-fellow-students. I always hear from people (some academic programmers) my programming is great. I learn new and different programming languages easy and fast. I seem to be very analytic according what people say. I often got appointed a role as a leader for all the projects during my study. I have expert skills in actionscript (1 and 2). I have some experience in teaching and I have some leadership qualities (praesis of a very large student organisation). I got very high end-grades (5 A+'s out of 8). Before this study I followed another, which I quitted during its last year. I have the negative point of taking sometimes to much for my part.

What should be a reasonable salary someone with these skills and little experience with real-world interaction design projects? (I got a nice paid job which is really interesting to me, but I am curious what is considered reasonable)



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