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19 Nov 2005 - 1:02am
10 years ago
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Zak Tinney

Just came across this site about interaction design / user interface design for mobile devices. Looks quite useful...


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19 Nov 2005 - 10:05am
Scott Weiss

Zak and friends,

Please also consider my book, "Handheld Usability," published in 2002
by John Wiley and Sons. A new Wiley book, "Mobile Interaction
Design," by Matt Jones and Gary Marsden, will be out in January, and
looks quite promising.

"Handheld Usability" teaches design, prototyping, and usability for
mobile devices. Some of the photos are getting dated, and the WAP
instruction is for 1.0, and it includes a bit on a failed UI,
Motorola's Wisdom, but everything else is still quite relevant. The
audience for the book is the new mobile UI designer or the manager
who wants to understand the field of mobile and/or design.
Experienced mobile UI designers will find the book too entry-level,
as a couple reviews on Amazon attest quite viciously.

There is a companion web site,, which has,
sadly, not been updated in quite some time. I've been quite busy with
my Usable Products Company work and a new book project, which IxDA
members are welcome to consider:

The new book, in its formulation stages, will be a compilation of
authors' mobile success stories. AOL's Mobile Instant Messenger,
Vodafone's Simply, and many other exciting small and large software,
hardware, and usability research case studies will be documented. I
would promise a delivery date, but getting authors to write within a
tight deadline is a lot like herding cats.

Best regards,
Scott Weiss
Principal, Usable Products Company: (212.929.8599)
Author, "Handheld Usability":

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