Interaction of men with product shapes

23 Nov 2005 - 9:40am
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MEDEIROS Wellin...

Dear all

Few weeks ago I did the following request: 'I was wondering if someone is working with the emotional/affective interaction of men specifically with artefacts/products. Any reference on empirical (or theoretical) research/method regarding this subject is warmly welcome. I will summarise the replies and e-mail back to the list.'

I thank you those who have replied. Below I summarise the hints.

Ian Coxon suggested as a starting point to visit the Engage website
Where it was published the paper 'Designing for emotion: Report of the state of the art' covering
the current tools and thinking in designing for emotion.
Ian also mentioned his PhD research 'currently titled 'Designing (researching) lived
experience' which has explored ways to understand lived experience for design
purposes and includes affective aspects of the experience'.

Nasir Barday suggests a look on the story on male psychology and urinals that came up on world usability day:

Adrian Chan recommends the film 'Kitchen Stories about a fictitious
Swedish appliance research institute. They send these ethnographers out to
"observe" men in their kitchens (50's time period)'.

Vinicius Kaster says that 'this is not specifically his line, but such relations make him
interested on how they could be configured as emotional/meaning

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