ADMIN: Our list arhives are public - and have been from day 1

25 Nov 2005 - 10:11am
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Dave Malouf

Our IxD discussion list archives are public.

Someone recently found a message they posted on a Google search results list
and was surprised to do so. Yes, the list archives are publicly available.
We feel that this is a service to the design community, so that subscription
is not required in order to reap the benefits of the list.

This may mean that some people might want to consider what information they
put into their messages. Please see my signature below as an example.
No phone numbers
No e-mail address is written out properly

If you have a work signature that you use for all outgoing e-mail, I suggest
ammending it for the list. I know that some folks have long legal
disclaimers that they have to leave on their signatures. Another thought
that people might want to consider is getting a free e-mail address from any
number of sources available out there. My new favorite is, but the
more traditional Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail is also valid. You can always set up
an auto-forwarder from that address so it goes to where you want to consume
information. Both Gmail and Hotmail offer ways for you to get your e-mail
using a regular mail client as well. These are just options to think about.

If you have every posted already. It is probably too late to do much about
the situation. The crawlers come by here all the time and so they either
have your information or don't at this point. That being said, if you have
never posted to the list before and find a time when you want to, please
feel free to to use any of the best practices I mentioned above.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other list issues, or want
to volunteer to help make this list and other resources from IxDA even
better, please feel free to contact us.
List questions/comments go to lists (at) ixda (dot) org
Volunteer sign-ups go to volunteers (at) ixda (dot) org
(e-mail addresses that are hidden)

Thank you.

-- dave

David Heller
Vice President, IxDA
dave (at) ixda (dot) <mailto:dave at interactiondesigners (dot) com> org <>

AIM: bolinhanyc // Y!: dave_ux // MSN: hippiefunk at // Google
Talk: dheller at

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