Reminder: User Interfaces for Physical Spaces, December 12

28 Nov 2005 - 1:59pm
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Peter Merholz

IxDA Folk--

The IA Institute is helping produce an event called "User Interfaces
for Physical Spaces." It's a one day workshop that walks through how
MAYA Design developed a system for redesign the Carnegie Libraries of
Pittsburgh, grappling with issues of information architecture across
real and virtual spaces.

First up, let me draw your attention to the remarkable case study
that MAYA produced in anticipation of the event:

It should supply all the reason you need to come to join us. We'll go
through this case in detail, including visits to libraries before and
after their redesign.

Learn more about, and sign up for, the event here:

This truly is a remarkable opportunity. I'm floored at the access
MAYA is providing in showing us the steps they went through. And,
December in Pittsburgh be damned, I think the timing is great -- we
all know very little work gets done before the holidays, and so why
not come and geek out, learn something valuable, have fun, and maybe
spend some of that training budget before the end of the year?


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