Contextual instructional content vs. separate "userguides"

28 Nov 2005 - 10:05pm
10 years ago
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The examples of (once-only) intro panels that I previously referred to in appear to have been replaced by two links, "Tell Me More!"
and "Take the Tutorial.",


28 Nov 2005 - 10:05pm

> Does anyone have any thoughts or examples? is a rather complex app that I use as a model for
introductory panels. I don't see the panels in their demos, but there is a
30-day trial. is a technical app (a full-text search provider) that is
somewhat of a model of embedded help. Although it uses an extreme
pagination scheme (one long page), and its business proposition is more
technical than healtcare consumers, the principles still apply. It has a
free option that you can register for.,

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