Seeking testers for Ajax UI prototyping/development software

1 Dec 2005 - 6:54pm
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Seeking beta testers for interaction designer Web development
workbench software.

IWP is software with the mission to bring next-generation interactivity
and usability to real-world Web applications. It is for designers and
development teams whose focus and skills are the Web; for building
applications with your choice of HTML and CSS, that are built with
your look and standard Web technologies.

This tool makes it easy to prototype live, testable "Ajax"-style user
interfaces without server-side code or programmer support, using HTML
renderings of sample application data. Test and demonstrate improved
user interfaces for a wide range of Web applications. Easily add
custom JavaScript, and transition prototypes directly into full
applications with server-side application code.


* Builds pages -- and all server responses -- from HTML and CSS, not
through a GUI builder or custom JavaScript code. Build "everything"
with your usual HTML tools, and preview it in browsers.

* Interprets simple HTML and annotations to accomplish common Ajax
user interface idioms and visual effects.

* Performs actual server interactions, even in prototypes, that fetch
HTML renderings of sample data.

* Simulates application logic decisions during prototyping, allowing
you to test and demonstrate different user interaction scenarios.
Forms and forms validation have additional built-in support.

* Plays well with custom JavaScript, custom visual effects, and even
widget libraries such as Dojo Toolkit.

* Is highly suited for retrofitting Ajax user-interfaces to existing
forms processing applications. You can keep your pages and
server-side logic while simplifying and improving the user

If you wish to consider IWP for projects, please contact
iwp-testing at for more details on IWP and the beta test
program. We are also glad to assist with custom JavaScript/Ajax
development, including Dojo Toolkit.

Thanks for your attention.

Cris Perdue

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