Open Position: Sr. User Interface Engineer @ MITRE in Bedford, MA

16 Feb 2004 - 3:25pm
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Juhan Sonin

Open Position for Senior User Interface Engineer
Contact: juhansonin at
Company: MITRE Corp (
Position location: Bedford, MA

The Sr. User Interface Engineer will be a key player in a talented
and engineering team dedicated to developing web, PDA, and OS-
based products. They will use their skills in user interface
enterprise engineering, human factors, conceptual design, and
information architecture in partnership with MITRE and AF designers to
create new products for advancing
the government's technology frontier. The Sr. User Interface Engineer
be a leader in UI design for new product development efforts critical
to the success of the product line. They will work with customers,
planners, and the engineering staff to create customer-centered

- Generating HTML and dynamic content (will require using a scripting
language like JSP, JavaScript, XSLT, etc.)
- Applying human factors engineering, user interface design skills and
principles to web application design
- Lead development of the back-end application components that feed
to the UI
- Creating release quality web development code and graphics for
in the final products
- Working with other Design Team members, engineering, marketing and
product management teams to implement required features

- 3+ years in web interface development
- 3-5 years experience in application or web application design a must
- Proficiency in HTML coding
- Proficiency in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XSLT, CGI (or
scripting languages)
- Proficiency with various design tools, including Adobe PhotoShop and
Illustrator, Macromedia Flash.
- Java or JSP development experience
- Experience through multiple projects creating and iteratively
refining a
user interface design (rapid prototyping)
- Experience in designing thick and thin client user interfaces
- Ability to show past relevant work, including a portfolio of your
designs and research/test tools (surveys, test scripts, etc)

Ideally this person will also have experience in some, or all, of the
- Graphic Design experience/training
- Knowledge/experience in market research
- In depth knowledge of User Interface Design principals, Human
User Centered Design Processes, Interaction Design guidelines,
Methodologies, industry standards and trends, platform standards, and
software development process.

Education: B.A./B.S. Degree or equivalent educational certificate, a
M.S. is

Contact: juhansonin at
Company: MITRE Corp (
Position location: Bedford, MA

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