Announcement: Fit Studios "Studio One" -- January 2006, San Francisco

6 Dec 2005 - 2:03pm
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Marc Rettig


I hope those of you who see this on several lists will forgive my indulgence
in cross-posting. My announcement is probably of most interest to those who
cross boundaries.

My company, Fit Associates, has scheduled the first of many one-week studio
experiences. It should have broad appeal for the cloud of people that
surrounds the work of "making the right thing well" -- understanding
customers, then working to guide product strategy and design by that

Studio <> One

Research through concept iteration

January 21 - 27

San Francisco

This is the first offering of a curriculum of studios to be offered over the
coming months and years.

Rather than go on about it, I invite you to read the site:

Thank you,


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Marc Rettig
Fit Associates
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