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18 Feb 2004 - 6:37am
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Narey, Kevin

I'd be interested to know what the views of the list members are on process
modelling tools.

Whilst the theoretical benefits of modelling an entire enterprises processes
are apparent (after huge investment), the tools with which the models are
displayed leave a lot to be desired.

I am often given process maps to interpret business requirements from and
whilst they are useful for screen design, they often fall woefully short of
having any tangible benefit to the software architect. There is currently an
argument that these process maps/models should replace use cases, due to
there being less opportunity for misinterpretation. This argument would be
better supported if the user could intuitively interpret these models. I
have used them for the last two years and still find difficulty in using
them. Showing these process maps to clients greets nothing but a blank,
disinterested face.

The tool we 'use' is ARIS. Does anyone else use process models? If so, what
tools do you use?

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