Growing Pains

7 Dec 2005 - 2:24pm
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Robert Reimann

Dear IxDA members:
As our membership grows, we will see many divergent opinions appear
on our discussion lists. IxDA is fundamentally in favor of free
expression, and
we believe in fostering a tolerant and temperate community that relies
on trust
and mutual respect rather than authoritarian measures to preserve the
However, IxDA cannot and will not tolerate harassment of individuals or
groups on our lists based on race, gender, creed, culture, or
nationality. We
will, when necessary, take measures to ensure our members are protected
such harassment.
Our list guidelines are posted at:
In the future, a link to these guidelines will be included as a
reference in all
IxDA mailing list footers.
Please accept our apologies for any distress experienced by members
due to certain recent discussion threads.
Thanks for your patience and tolerance, and Happy Holidays!
Robert Reimann
President, IxDA
Manager, UI Design and Research
Bose Corporation
The Mountain
Framingham, MA 01701

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