Nice article on the design of the Tivo remote controlin tomorrow's Times

19 Feb 2004 - 9:42am
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CD Evans

At 9:00 am -0500 19/2/04, David Heller wrote:
>When is someone going to realize that people watch TV w/ dimmed or no lights
>on? How often I've been watching a DVD or something off the DVR and I get a
>call and I can't find the stupid PAUSE button. Would it kill them to make a
>remote that is backlit like a phone touch pad?

I've seen backlit remotes here in the Uk. But they were those 'any
type of machine' ones that likely take a month to set up and never
really work. Nonetheless they were backlit!

No idea on the favorites, but I did hear about a company making an
iPod app that could control a tv. Apple asked them to take it off the
market, might have been Belkin or Griffin.

To bluetooth and beyond,
CD Evans


19 Feb 2004 - 2:47pm
Michael Quibuyen

> There's also a companion piece in which Jakob Nielsen critiques remote
> controls:
> Apparently he doesn't like the FAV button, which in my opinion is just
> about the only thing that makes channel surfing bearable if you have a
> large number of channels.

I think Jakob is actually criticizing the label of the button ("FAV"), not the feature itself.

Mike Quibuyen

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