9th IxDA F2F Meeting held at Pune, India 4:00pm-6:00pm, Saturday 17th Dec 2005

21 Dec 2005 - 1:28am
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Gaurav Bhargva

Apologies for Cross posting :)


Hi Folks,

This time IxDA meeting was held at CCD F.C Road Pune. Total 6 people attended the meeting. Following are names (left to right in pic.)

Ajit Kirkole (Symantec)

Yogesh Bhide(SAS)

Vivek Kant (TCS)

Mayank (Symantec)

Mathali Prabhu(Symantec)

Gaurav (SAS)

Discussion started with Microsoft Sparkle, what is it and what are advantages and disadvantages of Sparkle. And obviously it was compared with Flash (which one is better which will win:-))

Then the discussion moved to what are the ways to push Usability as part of software development Cycle.

Everyone shared their Experiences about working in software team.

Vivek talked how he got interested in the HCI field and pursing it in his work.

Yogesh and Mayank talked about new buzz phrase Activity based design.

This lead to interesting discussion what is difference between Activity, Goal and Task, how they affect the Design Judgment.

It was great to see high level of enthuse during the discussion.



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