Ecommerce web site book recommendations [signed]

3 Jan 2006 - 10:56am
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Bernie Monette

There's always Alan Cooper's "The Inmates are Running the Asylum". Again,
not entirely about ecommerce but about the impact of software developers and
usable design-well-unusable design. Very readable-one of my favourites: what
do you get when you combine a computer and a battleship? A computer-and he
relates how a simple software error stalled a state of the art battleship in
the middle of the gulf.

Happy New Year.


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> E-Commerce User Experience by Jakob Nielsen and assoicates for
> e-commerce web site usability.
> Why We Buy by Paco Underhill for the user psychology around the retail
> environment. Even though Why We Buy is based on brick-and-mortar retail
> there is a lot of valuable information one can gather from it.
> Regards
> Tricia
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> I'm working on a redesign of a retail commerce web site and was
> wondering if there are books that people can recommend regarding
> ecommerce web site and the whole user psychology around "retail".
> -Wendy

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