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11 Jan 2006 - 12:42am
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Dave Philbin

"Imagine if a TV channel started dictating terms of the UI of the TV"

As someone who is working on TV related issues, I am nonplussed by
this. Maybe I'm not being generous enough, but imagine if your TV allowed
you to do things and it differed by every ad. TV providers *must* make
sure that the interactive part of their service is consistent between
content providers, or else you make your customers learn again each time a
content provider wants to talk to them.

As we move into interactive TV (well, some of us at least) we need to make
sure that our customers are faced with every piece of it as "TV" with no
thinking and no guessing. People don't want to work for their
entertainment, and if we make them then that is at our own peril.

This may or may not be appropriate to this list (since it deals with a lot
more interaction than just TV based) but if we bring TV into the
discussion, then we should do so with the appropriate caveats. Don't ever
make entertainment become work. (I can just hear the rejoinder now about
how the web makes people work for it, but TV IS NOT THE WEB (and in my
opinion, will never be)).

-Dave Philbin

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