Looking for IxD Case Studies

17 Jan 2006 - 11:37pm
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Dan Saffer

I'm looking for interaction design case studies, preferably those
that are simple, public, and that have this basic format:

1) Problem, like a product isn't working well or doesn't exist.
2) Interaction design goodness is applied.
3) Product is better/good.

They don't have to be long or involved. Please, no iPod suggestions.

Oh, and they should be able to appear in an interaction design book
(wink, wink), so if your company/client would be unhappy sharing a
success story, don't bother.

I'd be happy to share these all with the list as well, whether or not
I use them. Would be good for the ixda.org site. You can email me off-
list and I'll compile.

Thanks in advance!


Dan Saffer
Sr. Interaction Designer, Adaptive Path

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