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24 Feb 2004 - 10:56pm
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Quoting "Todd R.Warfel" <lists at mk27.com>:
> Well said. I might add that HCI is more focused on the science side -
> sometimes that's qualitative and sometimes quantitative. There's a
> great deal of focus on social networks, mediated communication, data
> collection and analysis, etc. And lots of stats. It's considerably more
> academic and theory based, whereas interaction design is more applied.
> Not to say that they don't overlap. Nor that they couldn't learn from
> each other.


Ironically, HCI was always thought of as the more practical application of
cognitive science to technology. In some ways however, it was too specific for
practical application. HCI looks at the computer and human in synonymous terms,
ignoring environmental, physical and sociological variables. Effects on
cognition are not limited to the interaction with a mouse, keyboard and monitor.

> On Feb 18, 2004, at 11:19 PM, Dan Saffer wrote:
> > I feel that interaction design has a broader (some would argue less
> > focused) scope, looking at interactions not only between humans and
> > computers via interfaces, but also human-human, human-environment, and
> > human-system interactions as well. Some of those interactions (like
> > this email from me to you) are mediated by computers, of course, but
> > some aren't. Interaction designers are also out there designing whole
> > systems and environments in which computers and digital products only
> > affect a small or no part at all.

hmmm...sounds an awful lot like human factors actually... ;)


Ash Donaldson
User Experience Designer

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