Re: Undo selection convention

25 Feb 2004 - 10:25am
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Phil Hudson

How about Group/Ungroup? A common approach in draw apps, a simple
application of the Composite design pattern: the user chooses to create a
single super-selection which they can easily revert to a multi-selection.

>These objects are zones on a drawing, desktop
>application...objects over a geographical map. A
>click on the background, is a common way to deselect
>objects, and that shouldn't be tampered with in this
>case. The users will be expert users.
>It is totally unconventional to use "Undo" for
>selection of objects. Consider one object moved, and
>then another object moved. Now, the user wants to undo
>the 2 moves. The user will have to press Undo 4 times:
>2 for moves and 2 for selects. Are there
>optimizations that might work?
>In the current context, there are thousands of zones
>on a map, and the user might have carefully selected
>them to change their properties. So, it is a huge
>pain to reselect them.

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