Cool Intel IxD Job: Portland, Oregon

27 Jan 2006 - 8:31pm
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Dan Saffer

[I have nothing to do with this. Just the messenger. Read below on
how to apply.]


Although Intel might not seem the most obvious place to practice
interaction design since they have classically provided the technology
ingredients rather then the end customer experience, it is thirsty for
design knowledge now. Moore’s law is becoming less relevant to users, so
there has been what we refer to as the “right hand turn” - essentially a
company wide focus around delivering platforms that offer an obvious and
clear benefit to the end user over and above faster and smaller
chips. The
User Centered Design group is focused on helping the company understand
the problem spaces that are out there, then designing the corresponding
solution space to help the company understand the user experience before
investing billions of dollars. To that end we mostly make product
possibilities rather then only products. We are involved with many
different areas from future envisioning and requirements to market ready
products. The position requires the type of thinking found in a HCI
designer with solid visual design capabilities and prototyping ability.
Keeping in mind the position requires the latter skills for making the
experience seem real not necessarily how to pull it off technically.

• Determine a platform or products mandate, feature set, and business
• Participate in user research, literature review, fieldwork and user-
• Develop conceptual models, conceptual landscapes, user personas,
scenarios of use, interaction models
• Prototyping: create wireframes, sketches and functional prototypes
physical and virtual.
• Document feature behavior in loving, painstaking detail
• Collaborate with teammates, clients, and third parties to ensure that
your solutions survive the development process.

- Proven, hands-on ability to apply the methodologies of interaction
design to technical development, and to generate designs that deliver
power and pleasure to customers
- 2+ years experience designing and documenting products or experiences,
involving detailed design schematics and business rules
- Proven ability to multi-task
- Solid writing and visual communication skills
- Familiarity with usability heuristics and relevant HCI literature
- Knowledge of Visio or other tool for generating wireframes and

Hillsboro Oregon, a suburb of Portland, OR.

Please send your resume and your portfolio (link or attached) to Kieran
Del Pasqua at Kieran.del.pasqua at

NOTE: this position is not suitable for people who are primarily or
Graphic Designers, Implementation Specialists, Usability Analysts, Human
Factors Engineers or Information Architects. We value those people, and
you'll meet many of them in UCD, but that's not how we define

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