Invitation: IxDA European Student Network (IxDESN)

30 Jan 2006 - 10:11pm
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Dave Malouf


Are you student or young researcher in the field of Interaction Design
(IxD) or Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)? Do you want to be connected
with cool people doing projects related with yours?

Welcome to the IxDA European Student Network (IxDESN) mailing list.
You can subscribe at:

We (Pedro Jorge Adler and Thomas Költringer) want to provide a place
for European students and young researchers in the field of
interaction design and human-computer interaction. We are glad that
the Interaction Design Association (IxDA) <>
supports our idea and will host the chapter. The mailinglist is the
start to build a network of people who face similar challenges in
their daily life. With this network many things are possible:

- establish connections
- present and discuss your research questions and other ideas
- propose projects together
- get support
- solve problems
- learn about IxD and HCI
- find partners to participate in student competitions
- finding people who work on the same topic
- real life meetings

... and much more! Discussing papers, books, case studies, methods,
etc. It only depends on you! If there is interest we can also publish
the outcomes of our discussions.

Please, feel free to forward this invitation to other people who are
interested. During February we hope many of you will join the list and
then we will wait for your motivation and suggestions for discussion.
We will also propose discussion topics. The IxDA will later provide us
a web page.

Best regards
Adler and Thomas
iesn at

PS: You can find the initial website at

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