Job: UI Voice Design Architect - USAA - San Antonio, TX

3 Feb 2006 - 2:20pm
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I am posting this for Faith Harris (USAA) - see contact info below.
Looks like a great opportunity.
- Russ


UI Voice Design Architect- USAA - San Antonio Texas

In this newly created position, you will provide advanced leadership and
technical expertise to multiple IVR and web projects.

Required: Bachelor's degree with four or more years industry experience
in user-centered design and speech recognition application development.
In-depth knowledge of IVR, call center (customer care) and speech
technology industry. Strong customer focus. Customer interaction and
relationship building experience. Experience in design and development
of speech applications and strong knowledge of customer experience.
Working knowledge of major vendor offerings, various speech engine
capabilities and tuning concepts. Experience in writing design
specifications for various speech engines following standard practices
for error recovery and universal help. Experience in IVR application and
speech tuning.

Preferred Background: Merchandising experience. Experience with speech
application prototype development. Experience in developing call flows
for complex applications. Strong knowledge of natural language and
directed dialogue design techniques for speech applications. Ability to
develop both call steering and self serve applications. Experience
conducting both formal and informal usability tests and performing
heuristic evaluations. Knowledge of tracking and reporting of callers
through the call flow. Excellent written and verbal communications
skills. Ability to work with a minimum amount of direct supervision.


Faith Harris [mailto:Faith.Harris at]


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