Whiteboard/Web-Conferencing Software?

3 Feb 2006 - 2:43pm
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Graeme Roche

I work as an Interaction Designer for Business Objects in Vancouver and I am
in need of Whiteboard/Web-Conferencing software so that our team here can
effectively communicate with the other half of the team in Paris. We want
to be able to review screenshots, Flash, and PowerPoint presentations while
making notes on an upper transparent layer. We don't necessarily need
application sharing, simply the ability to communicate suggestions. We've
tried Microsoft's, Live Meeting, as we have pre-existing accounts, but it
doesn't seem to have the features we are looking for. Does anyone know of
software that provides these capabilities? Thanks.

*Graeme Roche*
*Interaction Designer, User Experience*

*Business Objects *
910 Mainland
Vancouver, BC CANADA

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